Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint is a connection found on the bridge body. This connection serves to accommodate movements that occur in the bridge superstructure when it is crossed by vehicles or thermal conditions such as expansion and shrinkage.

About Expansion Joint

The materials used in the Expansion Joint are; Asphaltic Plug.

There are basically several types of expansion joints that are commonly used in bridge construction structures. However, in broad terms, the types of expansion joints are divided into two, namely open joints and closed joints. This division is as stated in a handbook released by the Florida Department of Transportation.
The distribution of open and closed expansion joints is based on the state of the joint itself. An open expansion joint indicates that there is a gap between the joints that is visible to the naked eye. Meanwhile, closed expansion joints tend to be less visible because the gaps are covered by certain materials, both rubber seals and other fillers.

Data Sheet Expansion Joint

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