Asphaltic Plug

Asphaltic Plug is a connection
A flexible bridge used to seal bridge expansion joints both bituminous and rigid pavement concrete roads.
This system consists of a combination of specially formulated rubberized sealants, and selected aggregates quality.


Asphaltic Plug has high elasticity, tough and
can be coated with bitumen or spray seal.
Asphaltic Plug Provides flexible and impermeable movement
water in bridge construction joints and structures
which is elevated.

Asphaltic Plug has the following advantages:
▪ Low Stiffness
▪ Power Is Very Elastic And Flexible
▪ High Softening Point
▪ Very Resistant to UV Degradation
▪ Excellent Adhesion For Most Surfaces
▪ The Bridge Can Be Open Immediately After The Application Is Completed
▪ Waterproof
▪ Single Part

Asphaltic Plug Can Be Used For:
▪ Bridge Connection
▪ Concrete Pavement
▪ Water Proofing
▪ Concrete Joint Sealant
▪ Flexible Bituminous
▪ Building Delatation

Data Sheet Asphaltic Plug

(Asphaltic Plug)